It’s Official!

I finally have my own Official Website.

I am flattered that there are people out there that are curious about who I am, and have taken the time and interest to create profiles and websites about me and the character “Erica Albright” from The Social Network movie.

But due to those fake profiles and websites a lot of misconceptions have been made which prompted me to create my own Official website.

This is my first website. I don’t have anyone helping me with it. I am doing it entirely on my own so there will be a lot of random revisions and changes to the site from time to time because I am self learning as I go.

The purpose of this website is to tell a bit about my story, Who I am, and what I am all about to those that are genuinely curious. I didn’t create this website to prove myself to anyone. If Mark still has hard feelings and wants to pretend I never existed. There is nothing I can do about that, but keep hoping that one day we can reconcile and move past the falling out that we had. Mark knows the truth regardless and that is all that truly matters.

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