How do I feel about Mark Zuckerberg and facebook being in the news a lot lately?

Picture of Mark Zuckerberg from CNN Business

Someone asked me a few weeks ago “How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg and facebook being in the news a lot lately?”

To answer the question in all honesty it doesn’t sit with me very well. Like a lot of people I feel disappointed but my disappointment goes a little deeper because I also can’t help but feel like If only I wasn’t alienated from facebook I could have helped prevent a lot of things that has happened in the past, and I think a lot of people may genuinely feel that they too could have helped the situation but the difference is I used to look out for Mark and his best interests weather it was personal or to do with facebook and I just naturally fell into that role because I genuinely cared about Mark and believed in him even at times when he was very discouraged and didn’t believe in himself.

Reflecting back on my friendship with Mark, Mark and I made a good team. I had a different way about looking at things; I’ve always been a deep thinker, an over analyzer, I’d predict the outcome of things all the time. I am intuitive and I would constantly challenge Mark to do better.

Besides Mark Zuckerberg himself I like to think that there is nobody else in this world that cares about facebook and the integrity behind it more than me. Nobody knows how true that is other than Mark that’s one reason why Mark insisted that my initial be secretly hidden in the facebook logo, but Perhaps Mark forgot those important facts long ago.

I know Mark surrounds himself with all kinds of advisors with various professional credentials and at times It is probably quite difficult to figure out which advice is best and what is not when things come down to ultimate integrity of facebook. It has got to be difficult at times with over 2 Billion users Worldwide and to have to please everyone; mind you everyone has very different needs, wants and expectations especially Governments around the World like China. With the massive number of employees at facebook I can only imagine the challenges and difficulty on monitoring everyone’s work and decisions made. Most Employers hope their employees do their job and that is having faith that they will always do the right thing. As a speculator it seems like decisions made by employees need to be more closely looked into and reviewed more often. I think it is impossible for anyone else to fully put their hearts into facebook like Mark Zuckerberg himself does there for there is going to be half assed advice and advice that is just terrible from time to time no matter how wise, how professional, how educated an advisor or an employee is and I can only imagine how hard it must be from time to time making sure you’re making the right decisions and choosing to listen to the right advice. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes all the time. I think I proved myself in the past to Mark that my integrity was exceptional. He knew he could always faithfully count on me but I think influence of others may have helped distort that bit of reality because here I am still left out in the dark, vulnerable and on my own after all these years which has impacted my life very negatively. I cared a great deal about Mark’s dream to connect the World he knew that because I proved it in the time I spent offering advice and ideas while attentively making plans for his future, he trusted me. This desire to pursue his dream started long before being accepted into Harvard. Mark programed all kinds of various things including a program that completely destroyed my Hard drive on my first computer which was an Acer Aspire T100 Desktop, I’ll never forget that! and if that incident had never happened I wouldn’t have learned how to fix computers all on my own. Mark also made Zuck Net for his Dad’s Dental office and before facebook there was facemash and a few earlier variations of what would later become facebook. I don’t know why those details are purposely left out of the facebook story. I’m guessing and assuming it was an advised decision that was made to leave out of the Story. Some people may or may not remember Mark used to use MySpace to get people to join his social media sites. There are a lot of facts left out including my influential part of the story of course and I was in favor at the time to leave my story out because privacy was just more important to me.

As years went by and I got older I started to realize the importance of not holding back the truth especially when it comes to your life story. All your experiences, the people you meet on your life journey, the success, the failures, the hard times, the best times, the challenging times, the mistakes made, all the moments and experiences that automatically engrave themselves in our memories make us who we are. It is easy to forget and become forgotten in life when we leave those little important facts out. If you don’t speak up for yourself and leave important things out It’s like throwing away credentials and identity that you may never get back. That is a mistake I made that I live with everyday. I am not acknowledged for my early influence on facebook and the way years have been coming and going without any change in the situation I probably never will be acknowledged and the thing that troubles me a lot about that is wondering if Mark Zuckerberg really thinks I am okay with that and what happened between our friendship, collaboration and business agreements. I was never okay with what happened between Mark and my silent partnership with facebook. My life was negatively impacted young and because of that I wasted almost half of my life away thus far. Hiding myself from the world hardly ever leaving my home.

Integrity has always been important to me. Everyone that had ever had the pleasure of knowing me know that. Often I’ve been told I’m the most conscientious person they have ever known and I wish that Mark would remember that fact about me and remember that even though I am not perfect. I am human, I have feelings and everything that happened really hurt me a lot.

Earlier on in 2004 I already sensed and knew it was only a matter of time that I’d be forgotten and every promise made to me would be broken because I have always been aware that Money, Fame, Power and Image change people and I also warned Mark that Greed of others will likely find a way to taint facebook‘s integrity and to be careful of that.
and that is what I feel is partly to blame but that is just my speculation on the situation. I’ve been in the dark all these years, I don’t know the situation or how things are handled at facebook today so I can’t really comment too much.

Seeing facebook a lot more in the news this past year… It is just is a constant reminder that facebook forever haunts me… and no matter what It always will there is no escaping it.

I live my life everyday carrying a huge burden on my soul that I was not able to be there for Mark and facebook the way that I wanted to from day 1. Seeing and hearing about Mark Zuckerberg and facebook more and more these days is hard and it just makes me wish that I could speak to Mark so much more than ever because I have so much I would like to tell him.

I wish things could have been different everyday but sadly wishing can’t alter the past. Nobody can change the past and the mistakes made. All we can do is learn from it and make an effort to do better now and onward.

At this time I think Artificial Intelligence is not advanced enough to handle most problems at facebook There needs to be more human support to assist and improve AI in managing problems and issues.

From my experience on the outside of things people have been seeking and demanding more Human support because the AI automation often fails to help people with their issues. I get messages all the time complaining about the automated system and begging me to help them with their various account issues or get them in contact with a real person that can help them. I wish I could help but I can’t help anybody. I don’t have contact with anyone from facebook I too send in bug tickets and report things and I don’t get any responses either. There are a lot of areas facebook needs to improve on and that is one of them.

I wish Mark all the best and everyone along side him that have nothing but genuine interest in protecting the integrity of facebook and making the necessary changes to better serve the World.

Hopefully 2019 will be a better year maybe someone will even have a kind heart to help Mark and I reconcile our past issues.

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