Happy 8th Birthday Beast!!!!!


I’ll never forget the conversations that Mark Zuckerberg and I had about Dog’s.
Mark and I had a lot of things in common, One of the things we had in common was we both loved Sheepdogs. One time we were discussing what kind of dogs we liked. I firstly said a West Highland Terrier followed by an Old English Sheepdog. Mark then told me he had a Westie back home at his parents, and he liked sheepdog’s too. I remember laughing about that. Mark started googling Sheepdog’s and said he wanted a Hungarian Sheepdog one day. I remember saying good luck grooming it… and tried talking him into considering an Old English Sheepdog instead. SORRY!! about that Beast! I guess you can say you were destined to be a Chan-Zuckerberg! You are one lucky Puli! HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY!

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