The integrity behind facebook

Mark Zuckerberg recently released an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Facts About Facebook”.

It is a must read if you have concerns regarding the use of your data at facebook.

My personal experience being friends with Mark Zuckerberg was that he was always respectable and helpful to others. Reading this article in the Wall Street Journal by Mark makes me think back in time to 15 years ago when we were friends.

He was always determined to be of service to others because of that determination here we are today Connecting, Sharing, Helping others through Fundraising, Building Brands, Increasing Business, and etc.

It is mind blowing to think about all the good that facebook has done for Billions of people Worldwide and none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for Mark’s drive to help others and being innovative along the way.

Through the years facebook has had it’s challenges and mistakes made. I admire Mark’s ability to be a strong leader and to follow up on issues with ultimate integrity in mind. Overall I am proud of what Mark was able to accomplish, overcome and deliver thus far with facebook.

The most important thing to me has always been my privacy. While people continue to ridicule and accuse Mark of not being trustworthy with their data. I can assure you that despite what has happened, Mark has always been a respectable person especially regarding privacy. I’m proof of that. Mark fully respected the fact that I valued my privacy from day one; Hence making up the “Jessica Alona” alias and even though things didn’t end well with our friendship/business Partnership Mark respected my wish wholeheartedly and has never revealed my true identity against my wishes. 💙

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