Facebook 15 Years Later

Facebook 15 years later

facebook turned 15 today.

I remember the early morning of February 4th 2004 like it was yesterday. I’ll never forget how excited Mark Zuckerberg was that morning. He literally could not wait to launch thefacebook.com. I couldn’t be around for the launch because I had to work so we talked for a bit before I left for work that day.

I can’t believe it has been 15 years already. While facebook hits another milestone today without me, I hope that Mark remembered to think of me and the influence, advice, encouragement and support I put forth in the beginning of facebook… I always thought for sure by this time Mark would have attempted to reach out to me… and that we would be on talking terms again but I guess Mark doesn’t remember how much facebook actually meant to me and doesn’t seem to wonder how much it has affected my life afterwards.

Regardless of any hurt feelings I remain very proud of Mark and all the progress he has made though the years with facebook. Yes!… even though there has been times I have literally face palmed on some decisions made and wished I was able to give Mark the sound advice that he once used to value.

Through the years Mark has become a great leader, tackling hard issues and has managed to create an amazing team of the most talented, influential individuals that has helped facebook evolve into this incredible innovative platform that plays and important role in billions of people’s lives everyday around the World. From connecting with family, friends, co-workers, and etc. Through News feed, Messenger messages, Video and Non-video calls, Interacting though gaming, and facebook Groups, sharing Pictures, Videos, Thoughts, Feelings, Life Events, Fundraising, Building Brands, Launching Businesses, Selling things, Buying Things, Going viral with Funny Videos and Raising awareness on various important issues and while facebook continues to grow and evolve as always I wish Mark and everyone on the facebook team all the best… and maybe one day I won’t be so… Forgotten?.

Blue October – I Hope You’re Happy

“I’m always gonna have your back so try to remember that!
I hope you’re happy
I hope you’re good, I hope you get what you wish for and you’re well understood and whatever your progress I know you’ll be fine… I remember when the world was ours to take… I remember every word that we spoke, You right here next to me… I remember everything.” ― Blue October

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