F8 2019 – The Future Is Private

It is an exciting time for facebook‘s revamp and a fresh new look.

I might be the saddest one to see the iconic shade of blue go though… Just because I was a part of making the decision when choosing that specific shade of blue.

Which is a widely unknown fact in facebook‘s history that people don’t know… in a sense it makes me feel a little more forgotten… a little more erased from facebook‘s history… so it’s a little extra sad for me to see it go…

On the bright side of things it is exciting to see facebook continuing to evolve in such a positive innovative way after 15 years.

Privacy is important to us all in varying degrees. For me privacy has always been extremely important to me.

I have always been obsessed with privacy and protecting myself hence why Mark came up with this “Jessica Alona” alias for me… which I never did like… but the thing was I never wanted my real name revealed. I just wanted to maintain my privacy more than anything and Mark understood and respected that…

I was pleased to hear the F8 announcement that facebook is focusing on being a Privacy Focused Social Platform. Building more services focused on privacy and message encryption. It is something that I have always wanted for facebook.

Being Canadian I also thought it was really cool to hear that Portal is being launched internationally starting in Canada this June and will be released elsewhere in the fall.

… for me it’s kind of funny and surreal that Mark is putting a product out into the world that has a Camera cover included with it… If he only knew the big grin I had on my face when I first saw that Portal would feature a camera cover. 😁

I have always covered my camera’s on my devices. Smartphone included. So I personally find that little feature very appealing.

As an avid gamer oddly I have never tried any of the Oculus products. I guess I don’t know exactly what I am missing. Oculus Quest looks pretty cool. There is a lot of exciting things to anticipate this year.

On a funny note: After the Zuck‘s F8 slogan “The Future is Private” I couldn’t help but wonder… Does Canada’s Matthew Good still think “The Future is X rated”?

Matthew Good – The Future is X Rated

“… I used to ride around here… up on my high horse… with all the other good little butcher boys… a plagiarist of course.
So roll over sweet thing… Like a nuclear reprisal inbound from outer space there’s a comparison here I’m trying to swing…”

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