After 15 Years Another Change To The facebook Logo

FACEBOOK announced another change to the facebook logo after 15 years.

First the iconic authentic shade of blue was changed to a very vibrant blue and the brilliant off centre “f” on the logo was centered.

Now the original “facebook” logo is now FACEBOOK.

Originally there was meaning behind these things… meaning that was never really officially disclosed to the public.

BECAUSE!… well… I was behind these things… no I didn’t create or design the logos but I was behind the inspiration and meaning… and I had originally suggested the iconic shade of blue for facebook.

After I had disclosed the meaning behind these things here on my website… FACEBOOK underwent a series of changes to the logo a year later.

This is the comment I left on Mark’s facebook post.

The new brand looks fresh because of the added colors… BUT there is really no meaning to the logo anymore.

Other than it trying to represent transparency… which isn’t a bad thing it’s just ALL original meaning is gone.

facebook’s original logo and brand had meaning… Meaning, history and originality and it’s all being erased.

A name in lower case letters… ORIGINAL… an off center logo… ORIGINAL… The iconic shade if blue… ORIGINAL… The authentic but yet simple look showed brilliance… absolute cleverness.

The changes… While the colors used adds a fresh vibrant look… it also has shown lack of imagination… The brilliance… The cleverness… The original meaning behind the brand GONE.

UPDATE Dec. 7, 2019: I had actually forgot when Mark was creating the logo for facebook I was originally in favor for it to be FACEBOOK… but it didn’t make sense because of the “f” logo… and the meaning behind it and we did discuss maybe changing it one day. I don’t know if Mark remembers that or not… but that was then… looking back now I actually think lowercase was more brilliant and I honestly think it should have stayed that way.

Family Channel logo vs. New FACEBOOK logo
Old facebook logo vs. New FACEBOOK logo
Old facebook vs. New FACEBOOK

You go from an authentic off center logo to a generic centered logo which resembles closely to the family channel logo… not only in design but in color… facebook originally stood out in its self in apps and etc. due to the iconic blue, the lower case letters and the off centre logo but now is very similar in color and style to a lot of apps… instead of standing out in it’s own unique way it now blends in with everything else… then facebook goes all caps on the name… while still having a lower case letter in the “f” logo??… WHAT???!!!… REALLY??… In my opinion the lower case letters looked better it was different but not only that it matched the “f” logo. Do you know how many companies have to change the logo they imprint on their products and publications worldwide now?… it’s insane.

None of it makes sense… or highights any sort of brilliance… not to me anyway.

But just when I think I’m alone in my criticism about the changes…

Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweet’s this…

… obviously someone else took notice to a lack of imagination and brilliance on the “rebranding” of facebook.

… I don’t know how changes like this are decided upon after 15 years…

Am I being too critical?…

… It’s frustrating and sad to be so forgotten… alienated and absoulutly erased from something for so long… and watching all these changes happen to something that I was a part of in the beginning…

and it just reminds me how I don’t own all my own pieces to my life’s story because all my credibility and truth lies in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and he has not made any effort on helping to validate my truth at all. That in itself is just damaging to my spirit… beyond anyone’s knowing… It’s pieces of my lifes story… basically stolen… absolutely ripped away from me…

Disinformation is a huge topic these days… FACEBOOK has went through a lot of backlash about it…

Look at my story… my story is a story that is TRUE yet it is being allowed to be looked at as a false story due to the lack of validation from a creditable source which would be Mark Zuckerberg himself. People want to know the truth and I’m giving it to them but I’m just left on my own to look like a fool… a complete joke to skeptics… because I’m a “nobody”… so I must be some insane pathological liar in need of “attention.”

sadly that’s what some people are assuming… and I am sensitive to mockery of this nature because my Mother has schizophrenia. Mark knew that…

It isn’t right to allow people to be mocked for being honest and it isn’t right to allow people to be misinformed on various subjects… it’s not right to leave anyone out on a limb like this… for any reason. Simply put… It’s cruel.

Does anyone know what it feels like to tell the truth but be absolutely humiliated and your truth ignored or denied? It’s an absolutely horrible feeling right? It’s a horrible feeling that is felt deeply in your soul… and it really breaks your spirit down.

Mark never publicly denied my story because he knows the truth…  but others that were in his inner circle have denied and tried to discredit me, and Mark just seemingly ignores it…

Which I don’t understand that type of behavior… especially from Mark. Although our friendship ended a long time ago… I tried to be there for him. I cared… I cared a great deal about Mark, and his future with facebook beyond anything I can explain…

I understand that our friendship and partnership fell apart resulting in me not being able to be there for Mark or facebook, especially in difficult times… but I was there in the beginning and during that time I did my best to give Mark the best advice that I could and when I wasn’t being his biggest critic so he’d do his best; I was very supportive and gave him a lot of encouragement because I believed in him wholeheartedly.

… as our friendship fell apart due to an argument and stubbornness from both sides… I made sure to let him know that I cared… I even went as far to mention that I would never cause a legal problem for him or facebook because I wanted nothing but the best for them both.

… Apparently Mark not only forgot about me, he forgot that I genuinely cared from the very beginning of our friendship… not only till the end of it… but also even to this present day…

… and in return… well… actions as well as the lack of them speak volumes.

I didn’t know Mark as someone capable of being so uncaring… He’s an extremely caring person… he cared about everything, and was dedicated to solving problems and was generous in helping others that’s how I knew him to be… but I guess I obviously hurt and disappointed him to get this sort of reaction after all these years.

After all this time I don’t think Mark cares how everything has affected my life. If he truly cared he would have taken the time to reach out to me instead of proceeding to erase me from facebook’s history.

… if he truly knew and understood the hardships I continue to endure in my life… I really don’t think he would have turned his back completely on me like he has… but he doesn’t know or have any idea…

Currently there’s a big issue I have been struggling with in my life… and there is nobody else in the world that I would want to talk to about it other than Mark… I don’t have any real friends in my life… as short lived as my friendship with Mark was… He was different from anyone I had ever known, I tried to make an effort to always be friends… to never loose touch.. I trusted him and I felt he understood me.

… I’ve tried my best to reach out to Mark and others… obviously without any success…

I’m pretty well out of hope at this point that I will ever talk to Mark again… or my truth be validated… FACEBOOK will be 16 years in a matter of a few months… ugh …. all caps really?… did this really happen?

While I remain saddened by this experience in my life…

I can still say that I’m happy for Mark and proud that Mark was able to do so much with facebook… I mean FACEBOOK in the last 15 years. I only wanted the best for him and facebook… he knew that… I told him so before our friendship had come to an end.

… and as always since the beginning… I guess another thing that hasn’t changed much about me and that is the fact that I can’t help but criticize things that I think could have been done better.

It’s 4:20 am guess I will end my late night blog rant here.

Third Eye Blind – Tropic Scorpio

“Here’s my dilemma You’re throwing a kink in my telemetry…”

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