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Oct. 28th 2003… 16 Years Ago Today.

16 years ago today October 28th 2003 Mark called me a bitch in his Livejournal under the made up alias of “Jessica Alona”… Who really cares?… I don’t… but it’s the only place you will find me mentioned in the history of Facebook and because “Jessica Alona” happens to be a made up alias and […]

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How It Feels To Be Intentionally Forgotten After 15 Years

Here’s the thing… I get sad. I get emotional… I’m human… I’m a real person… and sometimes I take things way too personally. … These are indeed my comments on facebook‘s updated profile picture. I’ll probably be embarrassed about the comments later and delete them… as well as this blog… but in the meantime… I’m […]

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F8 2019 – The Future Is Private

It is an exciting time for facebook‘s revamp and a fresh new look. I might be the saddest one to see the iconic shade of blue go though… Just because I was a part of making the decision when choosing that specific shade of blue. Which is a widely unknown fact in facebook‘s history that […]

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