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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Question: Was Erica Albright real? (Quora)
Answer: I’m a real person. “Erica Albright” is a character loosely based off of my existence.

Question: Was there anyone by name Erica Albright in Harvard when Mark Zuckerberg was studying there? (Quora)
Answer: No. “Erica Albright” is a character based off of my existence. I did not attend Harvard or Boston University.

Question: In the age of Facebook, how has Jessica Alona managed to remain so hidden? (Quora)
Answer: Just like “Erica Albright” a character loosely based off my existence. “Jessica Alona” is also a made up name to keep my true identity hidden. I am also not American, I am Canadian. I did not attend Harvard or Boston University. After Mark and I had a falling out during the early months of 2005, I avoided anything to do with Facebook for several years.

Question: Is Mark Zuckerberg still in touch with Erica Albright? (Quora)
Answer: “Erica Albright” is a character based off of my existence. Mark Zuckerberg and I lost touch during the early months of 2005 after an argument we had.

Question: Did Mark Zuckerberg send a friend request to Erica Albright? (Quora)
Answer: “Erica Albright” is a character loosely based off my existence. But yes, there actually was a time Mark sent me a friend request and I did not accept.

Question: How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg and facebook being in the news a lot lately? (2018)
Answer: Read my response here in my blog.

Question: How do you reason with reality? What steps do you take to make sure you live the best possible life going forward? You are obviously much stronger than I am, I would have driven myself insane replaying scenarios in my head of what I could have done differently. (Hisaki C. 2019)
Answer: In order to come to grips with reality… you firstly have to understand it is what it is and accept it for what it is… make peace with it. If reality is not ideal or desirable you must never give up hope or determination to change the course of it or make the best of it. Acceptance is crucial to moving forward.
I’ve always cared about Mark and I am happy to see that in this lifetime he got to fulfill his dreams by utilizing every opportunity that presented itself to him.
… I once told him that he was very privileged to be attending Harvard and to not let opportunities pass him by and to make the most of them. Always aim to gain something from them all. Never let opportunities go to waste because there are a lot of people like me in the world that are underprivileged and won’t have the same opportunities as him.
I never wasted too much time replaying scenarios on what I could have done differently… because they could never be reality.
I however have replayed… almost every interaction we have had between us many times over… every memorable conversation we had between us and it is very hard to relive it all over again in your mind… knowing… the current outcome… and that has actually put me in and out of depression because… I thought we were both on the same page in agreeance that… our friendship would never die and we both would never forget each other…
Through the years I have had many difficulties with all that… especially being forgotten… it is sad to be forgotten… nobody likes to be forgotten.
I’ll never forget him and I will always keep hope in my heart that one day he will remember me.
Some people think it’s useless to hold onto that hope… but if something is important to you… never lose hope based on other people’s opinions. Always stay true to yourself and what you feel is best for yourself because you are the only one that truly understands your heart, your mission in life and your needs best than anyone else.

Question: 15 years later, would you have still felt so strongly about Mark Zuckerberg had his title been e.g.”Software Engineer, Microsoft” versus CEO, Facebook. (Hisaki C. 2019)
Answer: Yes, Mark was my friend. I cared deeply for him… beyond his knowing. Mark will always be just Mark to me… regardless of any title.
I’m sure a majority of people that care about a friend would care about their friend regardless of any titles or circumstances.

Question: Is Mark Zuckerberg creepy? (Quora)
Answer: “Creepy” usually means to make someone feel nervous or frightened… Causing a sense to feel uneasy.

My answer is simply: No, not at all.

Question: Was Mark Zuckerberg actually drunk when he initially made Facebook? (Quora)
Answer: No. facebook wasn’t made overnight.

Question: Is it true that Mark Zuckerberg is Rockefeller’s child? (Quora)
Answer: No. He is the ingenious son of Karen and Edward Zuckerberg.

Question: Is it true that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to make fun of women based solely on their looks? (Quora)
Answer: No.

Question: Does Mark Zuckerberg have siblings? (Quora)
Answer: Yes. Mark Zuckerberg has 3 sisters Randi, Donna and Arielle.

Question: Is it true that Mark Zuckerberg has Ukrainian roots in his family? (Quora)
Answer: I’m not 100% sure. I’m partly Ukrainian and Polish. When Mark Zuckerberg and I were friends back in 2003 one thing we talked about having in common was that we both had Polish roots. If I am remembering correctly Mark’s Polish roots are from his Mothers side of the family. His father might have some Polish roots as well but I think his father’s roots are also Hungarian. I think some of Mark’s Great great Grandparents on his fathers side were from Galicia. My Ukrainian Great grandmother was from Galicia. A lot of Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian and Germans can usually trace their roots to Galicia, so it is possible that Mark could have some Ukrainian roots but I cannot 100% confirm this because I can’t remember if he mentioned it or not… It was a long time ago.

Question: Why is Mark Zuckerberg shown praying in The Social Network even though he is an atheist? (Quora)
Answer: This question popped up in my requests… But I still haven’t seen The Social Network movie past the first 15 mins. I had no idea there was a scene with Mark praying. … Mark Zuckerberg was never an actual Atheist. I know who ever is reading this is thinking that’s BS because Mark himself said he was an Atheist early on in years so he must have been an Atheist. Mark grew up Jewish… he always believed in God. While attending Harvard he’d go home during Jewish Holy days and partake in them with his family. It was the beginning of Yom Kippur 2003 that I remember talking to Mark before he left his Harvard dorm room to be with his family during Yom Kippur… He said “G’mar Chatima Tova” to me and I asked what that meant and he said “May you be sealed for good in the Book of Life.” … nobody had ever said that to me before… and nobody else ever has since… Anyway… I don’t know how Mark will feel about me saying this but… He kind of feared Anti-Semitism back then… He didn’t want to be judged or hated by anyone for being Jewish. So online he just said he was an Atheist… but truly he was not… He believed in God, he told me so during a conversation we had about religion… I grew up Catholic and attended a Catholic School… He grew up Jewish. I remember being very curious about the differences between the two religions. At the time I cleaned a Jewish Synagogue every week and found the place fascinating.

Question: How did Mark Zuckerberg manage business things when he started Facebook while he did not have any business degree or any other business knowledge as he was a dropper? (Quora)
Answer: Mark Zuckerberg is very Ambitious and quite clever. He really didn’t need a degree to succeed at anything in life. I was actually in favor of him dropping out of college and pursuing Facebook… In the conversation we had back then about it he didn’t really want to drop out of college. He didn’t want to disappoint his parents, his mother really wanted him to get a degree her heart was very set on it. I just knew Facebook would be much more important to persue than a degree and knew his parents would be proud of him and his success regardless. That is why I supported that decision. It takes the support of many individuals behind the scenes to create and build a successful business… Nobody does it solely on their own. In the beginning of Facebook Mark surrounded himself with many individuals that all gave him advice, ideas, encouragement, and helped connect him with the right people and most importantly Mark Zuckerberg has a very supportive family. His dad had a dental practice as he was growing up which is a business. His Sisters and his wife Priscilla have also been very supportive all these years. So Mark never really lacked advice and help from others whenever he needed it along the journey of building his business.

Question: Do you think Mark Zuckerberg should be replaced as Facebook’s CEO? (Quora)
Answer: No. Mark Zuckerberg is the Original founder of Facebook. Nobody will ever care more about Facebook, than Mark himself.

10 Comments on “Q & A”

  1. On the early versions of facebook I did accept Mark’s friend requests but under the alias of “Jade” because my username at the time on MySpace was Jade010684 But when I created an account with my real name I didn’t accept his request because I wanted my involvement with Facebook to be private. Mark knew that though and it did bother him a bit but… that’s what I wanted.


    • Because although the Erica Albright character is based off of the Jessica Alona alias in which Mark created to protect my identity. Erica Albright is a character created by Aaron Sorkin in his movie The Social Network.


  2. Are you any sort of part of Mark’s reason to really expand Facebook beyond Harvard? You know, just to prove something to you? In the movie, Mark really fired up to expand Facebook after getting rejected by Erica,who apparently had not been aware of Facebook as it was just a Harvard thing at that time


    • …It was something like that… there is a small bit of truth to all that, but there were other reasons of course in mind before hand to expand facebook.

      There are many important facts left out about various things… I’m not sure why… other than assuming there must be some form of influence behind the decision to leave certain stuff out.

      I wasn’t a Harvard student but I had an anonymous account on the early versions of facebook because I was originally a partner. I was on Marks personal friend list under the name of Jade. It was so long ago… but when you signed up you had to choose a group or something that you were associated with at Harvard… I can hardly remember… but you had to select like 2 different things in a drop down menu before your profile was created. Mark told me what to select in order to connect our profiles because the first time when Mark told me to take a look I didn’t know what to select so our accounts would be connected.

      During the last argument we had… Mark actually said some really mean things to me… I don’t want to repeat any of it… because It wasn’t nice and I hope he didn’t really mean any of it, but there was a comment were after he had broken his promises to me that he said he’ll do all that he can to make facebook a major success… and that’s just what he did.


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you have your unique story published in a book someday; I’d love to read it and know more. What do you think will happen if hypothetically Mark suddenly remembers and contacts you after all these years?
    What do you think would have happened if Mark never forgot you and kept his promises to you?


    • I appreciate your kindness and interest in my story. Thank you.

      … If Mark were to contact me after all these years. I could only hope that he’d want to reconcile our friendship so we’d be friends again and that he’d give me enough time to explain some things that I never got to tell him. I have several concerns that I wish I had the opportunity to discuss with him, it would be great to collaborate once again on new ideas. I enjoyed brainstorming, sharing and discussing ideas with Mark he’d over think things through and go into depth and we’d challenge each others point of views… and I have missed that all these years.

      I think that if Mark and I remained friends, that would mean I’d still have the facebook shares that were promised to me… Life would have been dramatically different. I would have had the opportunity to be more influential and excel in life in many ways. I would have had the opportunity to get a better education. I would have made more of a difference in the world. There are so many things that I am passionate about and I would have had the opportunities to pursue them. I care immensely about The Environment, Mental Health, Combating Human Trafficking among other things I would have had resources to help these causes. I was always an excellent problem solver, I feel like I could have done a lot to help better and prevent some things at facebook. There’s just so much that would have been different.

      …But we’ll never really know what could have been…

      I did not fit into Mark’s inner circle… Nobody liked me or wanted to take the time to get to know me. I was overweight…from a poor background, my ethnicity is mixed and I am of Métis decent. I think others had a strong influence on weather to include me or not… because I was basically bullied out of having any ties to Mark and facebook by others that I tried to reach out to, for the purpose of reconnecting through the years.

      …I think part of it is based upon some form of discrimination… weather it was my weight or whatever. Nobody ever really got to know me… there was no interest and nobody cared that I actually cared about Mark and wanted the best for him and facebook. I encouraged Mark and pushed him at times to do better for himself because I really believed that he had the potential to be great… but nobody else cared that I actually cared.

      Being “The fat girl” … you’re not really respected… or valued… and treated very differently as if you’re not validated as a person. If I had looked a certain way. I don’t think I would have been so disrespected and devalued.

      In the movie The Social Network where there’s this Bar scene (Which never happened in real life btw.) The Erica Albright character makes a comment to Mark Zuckerberg’s Character and says something like “Dating you is like dating a stairmaster.”
      All I felt when I saw that was an obvious inside fat joke that nobody would understand… other than the people that knew I was actually overweight in real life.
      I honestly don’t know how a line like that conveniently and coincidentally makes it’s way into a film with a character based off of me without getting some kind of insider information.

      I apologize for the long answer… it’s a complex and touchy subject for me.


  4. What do you think was the real reason Mark started to build Facebook ? The common and diplomatic answer he gives in interviews is he wanted to build cool stuff and create a space where people could connect. Do you think there was more to it ? Do you think deep down he knew his project was going take off and be a huge ?


    • From my understanding the reason that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to build facebook was to create a better way to connect the world. This was an early idea/Dream he thought of years prior to attending Harvard and made a goal to pursue it. I really don’t know why this fact isn’t mentioned ever anywhere… maybe it was an influenced decision to leave that fact out but It’s one of many important facts that have been left out.
      Mark really did enjoy building things, He built several things over the years prior to facebook and had the idea of wanting to build something to better connect the world early on in life. Mark knew facebook was going to eventually be a success that is why he dropped out of Harvard and pursued facebook.


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