Facebook Turns 16 Today‚Ķ

Another year has gone by… and I still remain forgotten, and unacknowledged. … I don’t really have much to say about it. I always have a little extra hope in my heart that Mark would remember to think of me as the Anniversary of the launch of Facebook nears… and of course the day of […]

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After 15 Years Another Change To The facebook Logo

FACEBOOK announced another change to the facebook logo after 15 years. First the iconic authentic shade of blue was changed to a very vibrant blue and the brilliant off centre “f” on the logo was centered. Now the original “facebook” logo is now FACEBOOK. Originally there was meaning behind these things… meaning that was never […]

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Oct. 28th 2003… 16 Years Ago Today.

16 years ago today October 28th 2003 Mark called me a bitch in his Livejournal under the made up alias of “Jessica Alona”… Who really cares?… I don’t… but it’s the only place you will find me mentioned in the history of Facebook and because “Jessica Alona” happens to be a made up alias and […]

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