Facebook Turns 16 Today…

Another year has gone by… and I still remain forgotten, and unacknowledged.

… I don’t really have much to say about it.

I always have a little extra hope in my heart that Mark would remember to think of me as the Anniversary of the launch of Facebook nears… and of course the day of I end up disappointed and it just turns out to be a very sad day for me because I get caught up in memories of every little thing we talked about back then and how the morning of February 4th 2004 Mark was just so excited about launching Facebook when he messaged me and I was just so happy…


I’ve reached out to a lot of people over the years… in hopes that someone would find a way to reconnect me with Mark…

I emailed Elliott Schrage January 14th… hoping that he’d read my email and let Mark Zuckerberg know that I’ve been trying to reconnect… I haven’t gotten a reply back… I expected that but I tried to remain hopeful.

… I saw Mark’s Silicon Slopes Tech Summit interview the other day.

When Mark was asked who his mentors were and who does he go to for advice… He didn’t mention anyone by name… he went on to state that he’s more religious now.

… Mark and I have been out of touch for a very long time. It’s been years since he came to me for advice… but in the beginning he always came to me.

When Mark was asked this question just days before facebook’s 16th anniversary… I just hoped that in the back of his mind… he’d remember to think of me… and our promises, our partnership, the encouragement, influence and advice that I offered… but obviously it seems unlikely that he cares to remember me at all.

As for Mark’s comment on being more religious…

That’s so wonderful to hear.

But I feel like when it comes to religion… If you’re truly seeking knowledge and understanding of God your focus should be on following the word of God and self reflect… make an effort to be better and do better, make peace with others and etc.

… I just feel like anyone who is truly making an effort to be right with God… should find enough compassion and empathy in their heart to know that It’s not right to leave a person in such a vulneranle position such as the one I have been left in.

To be forgotten and ignored… especially discredited by others that knew my involvemet is absolutely dehumanizing as if I am a worthless, disposable person and my feelings and my life doesn’t matter.

Because of this my very own life story with my early involvement and silent partnership with Facebook… was stolen from me. It’s not something I can share proud n openly with my family and people I meet… because Mark has not cared to confirm things so I’d come off as a liar… or assumed I’m a crazy person like my mother.

Mark knew that I had a fear of being made out to look crazy. It’s because all my life… once people knew my Mom had Schizophrenia I’d get teased and made fun of that I’d end up crazy like her… that stuff really bothered me most of my life.

… it’s a different kind of hurt when you open up to someone about your fears and etc. and they just end up contributing to making that fear a reality.

… I don’t know for certain if Mark remembers that or not… so I can’t say for certain that any of this has been intentional.

The other day someone thought it would be nice to troll me on Facebook. Making multiple comments about “Delusional Obsession”…

It is ignorant to judge and make ridiculous assumptions about people.

I am sensitive to assumptions and accusations in relation to Mental Health. My mother has Schizophrenia. Mental Health isn’t something to laugh at.

I know what my story looks like to people that find my story hard to believe or think it’s absolutely ludacris based on lack of physical proof and public acknowledgement.

But it is what it is… unfortunately I have a sad and difficult story; a story that doesn’t seem to fit into a mould that many people expect… truth is always harder for people to believe and accept for some reason…

It’s difficult to tell the truth and be left alone in a position to look like a liar or “Delusional”… and actually have people think these untrue things.

I put my story out there for free on my own expense so people can see and understand the actual reality of my situation. Rather than keep believing a fictional story.

These days I don’t really have time and motivation to keep writting blogs… blogs never really were my thing. I have more problems in my life than I can handle right now… stuff way over my head… and that is one of the reasons I have been trying to grab Mark’s attention.

I was always there for Mark when he needed me… I gave him so much advice… and right now I wish that just this one time that I could reconnect and get some advice.

Smile by Sidewalk Prophets

“Happiness is wonderful
But it doesn’t stick around
Walkin’ on sunshine
Then here come the clouds
You can laugh or you can cry
When it all falls apart
But I believe the more you laugh
The more you heal the heart

There’s always a reason
To always choose joy
There’s something deeper
That the world can’t destroy

When you think you can’t
Get up and dance
There’s a bigger plan
And you’ve got a reason
To smile
When you think you can’t.”

My MySpace Page Got Deleted Again…

My original MySpace account got deleted again… doesn’t look like I will get it back this time.

The first time it got deleted was shortly after Mark Zuckerberg and I had our fall out…

I was able to get it back quickly…

but soon deactivated it June 15th 2005.

The reason I deactivated the account was… There were people inquiring about me to random people on my friends list. I used the name Jade as my username at the time. I had a large friend list back then on MySpace. The majority of the people on my friends list I didn’t know personally but people begain private messaging me saying there were people from California trying to obtain information on me… like my real identity… where I lived… etc. and it freaked me out… so I deactivated the account.

Facebook was just a year old then…

It wasn’t until December 7th 2005 that I reactivated the account…

I was in the process of moving out of the apartment that my Mom and I rented that we could no longer afford… it was an unexpected move. During that time I was trying to reach Mark to tell him I was moving but was unable to reconnect… that was the only reason I reactivated the account.

Then 4 months later MySpace deleted my account for the 2nd time…

awhile went buy and I was able to obtain the account again…

Only to have it deleted again for the 3rd time September 3, 2019.

Even though I no longer used the account, That account was sentimental to me… it was my original account from 2003… I was 19 years old then. I spent my spare time on it, it was my escape from real life… The way the site was designed back then allowed anyone to customize their page any way they wanted, That feature is what made me fall in love with MySpace because it allowed me to express myself freely. MySpace also allowed me to learn and experiment with HTML code… because of that everyday my profile had a different look almost everyday and that is what caught Mark Zuckerberg’s attention… he said he liked the way I designed my profile. Mark claimed that because he is colorblind it allowed him to see the features on MySpace clearly on my profile… he said that most people designed their pages too dark for him to see anything clearly.

Through that MySpace account Mark Zuckerberg and I became friends… I have a lot of memories attached to that account. Even though all the history I had on that account has been erased… just having that account was sentimental to me… now I no longer have it…

… One of many memories I have is a conversation Mark and I had a few times. We talked about how “cool” it would be to own MySpace one day…

I said it was my dream to own it, It’s because I loved MySpace so much back then… it was very different from what it is today.

I’d talk to Mark about what I’d add to MySpace if it was mine… just… day dreaming beyond wildest dreams… and Mark would say “No… MySpace doesn’t need more features n stuff it needs to be simplified.” and I remember being like NO!!!!!! It would be soooo boring then… I said if anything it needs more features to be better.

… well… look at it now… it’s simplified to hell… to the point of being absolutely useless.

In my opinion… MySpace should just be reinvented and repurposed at this point.

… MySpace is actually a perfect name for a Virtual World… a virtual reality space… maybe something that is compatible with Oculus. My imagination is running wild just thinking about the possibilities with an idea like that.

But Anyway…

I just wanted to share that little random story.

F8 2019 – The Future Is Private

It is an exciting time for facebook‘s revamp and a fresh new look.

I might be the saddest one to see the iconic shade of blue go though… Just because I was a part of making the decision when choosing that specific shade of blue.

Which is a widely unknown fact in facebook‘s history that people don’t know… in a sense it makes me feel a little more forgotten… a little more erased from facebook‘s history… so it’s a little extra sad for me to see it go…

On the bright side of things it is exciting to see facebook continuing to evolve in such a positive innovative way after 15 years.

Privacy is important to us all in varying degrees. For me privacy has always been extremely important to me.

I have always been obsessed with privacy and protecting myself hence why Mark came up with this “Jessica Alona” alias for me… which I never did like… but the thing was I never wanted my real name revealed. I just wanted to maintain my privacy more than anything and Mark understood and respected that…

I was pleased to hear the F8 announcement that facebook is focusing on being a Privacy Focused Social Platform. Building more services focused on privacy and message encryption. It is something that I have always wanted for facebook.

Being Canadian I also thought it was really cool to hear that Portal is being launched internationally starting in Canada this June and will be released elsewhere in the fall.

… for me it’s kind of funny and surreal that Mark is putting a product out into the world that has a Camera cover included with it… If he only knew the big grin I had on my face when I first saw that Portal would feature a camera cover. 😁

I have always covered my camera’s on my devices. Smartphone included. So I personally find that little feature very appealing.

As an avid gamer oddly I have never tried any of the Oculus products. I guess I don’t know exactly what I am missing. Oculus Quest looks pretty cool. There is a lot of exciting things to anticipate this year.

On a funny note: After the Zuck‘s F8 slogan “The Future is Private” I couldn’t help but wonder… Does Canada’s Matthew Good still think “The Future is X rated”?

Matthew Good – The Future is X Rated

“… I used to ride around here… up on my high horse… with all the other good little butcher boys… a plagiarist of course.
So roll over sweet thing… Like a nuclear reprisal inbound from outer space there’s a comparison here I’m trying to swing…”

Facebook 15 Years Later

Facebook 15 years later

facebook turned 15 today.

I remember the early morning of February 4th 2004 like it was yesterday. I’ll never forget how excited Mark Zuckerberg was that morning. He literally could not wait to launch thefacebook.com. I couldn’t be around for the launch because I had to work so we talked for a bit before I left for work that day.

I can’t believe it has been 15 years already. While facebook hits another milestone today without me, I hope that Mark remembered to think of me and the influence, advice, encouragement and support I put forth in the beginning of facebook… I always thought for sure by this time Mark would have attempted to reach out to me… and that we would be on talking terms again but I guess Mark doesn’t remember how much facebook actually meant to me and doesn’t seem to wonder how much it has affected my life afterwards.

Regardless of any hurt feelings I remain very proud of Mark and all the progress he has made though the years with facebook. Yes!… even though there has been times I have literally face palmed on some decisions made and wished I was able to give Mark the sound advice that he once used to value.

Through the years Mark has become a great leader, tackling hard issues and has managed to create an amazing team of the most talented, influential individuals that has helped facebook evolve into this incredible innovative platform that plays and important role in billions of people’s lives everyday around the World. From connecting with family, friends, co-workers, and etc. Through News feed, Messenger messages, Video and Non-video calls, Interacting though gaming, and facebook Groups, sharing Pictures, Videos, Thoughts, Feelings, Life Events, Fundraising, Building Brands, Launching Businesses, Selling things, Buying Things, Going viral with Funny Videos and Raising awareness on various important issues and while facebook continues to grow and evolve as always I wish Mark and everyone on the facebook team all the best… and maybe one day I won’t be so… Forgotten?.

Blue October – I Hope You’re Happy

“I’m always gonna have your back so try to remember that!
I hope you’re happy
I hope you’re good, I hope you get what you wish for and you’re well understood and whatever your progress I know you’ll be fine… I remember when the world was ours to take… I remember every word that we spoke, You right here next to me… I remember everything.” ― Blue October

The integrity behind facebook

Mark Zuckerberg recently released an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Facts About Facebook”.

It is a must read if you have concerns regarding the use of your data at facebook.

My personal experience being friends with Mark Zuckerberg was that he was always respectable and helpful to others. Reading this article in the Wall Street Journal by Mark makes me think back in time to 15 years ago when we were friends.

He was always determined to be of service to others because of that determination here we are today Connecting, Sharing, Helping others through Fundraising, Building Brands, Increasing Business, and etc.

It is mind blowing to think about all the good that facebook has done for Billions of people Worldwide and none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for Mark’s drive to help others and being innovative along the way.

Through the years facebook has had it’s challenges and mistakes made. I admire Mark’s ability to be a strong leader and to follow up on issues with ultimate integrity in mind. Overall I am proud of what Mark was able to accomplish, overcome and deliver thus far with facebook.

The most important thing to me has always been my privacy. While people continue to ridicule and accuse Mark of not being trustworthy with their data. I can assure you that despite what has happened, Mark has always been a respectable person especially regarding privacy. I’m proof of that. Mark fully respected the fact that I valued my privacy from day one; Hence making up the “Jessica Alona” alias and even though things didn’t end well with our friendship/business Partnership Mark respected my wish wholeheartedly and has never revealed my true identity against my wishes. 💙

Happy 8th Birthday Beast!!!!!


I’ll never forget the conversations that Mark Zuckerberg and I had about Dog’s.
Mark and I had a lot of things in common, One of the things we had in common was we both loved Sheepdogs. One time we were discussing what kind of dogs we liked. I firstly said a West Highland Terrier followed by an Old English Sheepdog. Mark then told me he had a Westie back home at his parents, and he liked sheepdog’s too. I remember laughing about that. Mark started googling Sheepdog’s and said he wanted a Hungarian Sheepdog one day. I remember saying good luck grooming it… and tried talking him into considering an Old English Sheepdog instead. SORRY!! about that Beast! I guess you can say you were destined to be a Chan-Zuckerberg! You are one lucky Puli! HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY!

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